ASP is a registered company specializing in design and supply products with technical services include: solar system power, synchronization and ATS controller panel, PLC, SCADA,… We provide a total Power Solution & Automation with full after sales backup services.
People are our assets, we always improve our people by giving them chance to express opinions, rewards to those who contribute well, upgrade their skills by training and assignment rotation. We monitor the performance by KPI to evaluate our strength and weaknesses and to reward those who always give their best to the company.
We will be glad to serve & offer you with our products.

Products portfolio:
* Solar system.
* Synchronizing system.
* Harmonic Filter.
* Automation system.
* Building rescue equipment.
* Panels / Switchboards.
* Service.
* Also in our products range: Cable tray, Kiosk substation, Automation, Power Management System, bus duct solution & co-operate with Siemens and Chint for dry type transformers.