* The complexity of today’s buildings makes power distribution with a high level of transparency and flexibility an indispensable requirernent.
* The uninterrupted provision of power is also absolutely essential for production plants with multiple shifts.
* Busbar trunking systems meet these demands for an economical power distribution system with simple design, fast installation, optimum flexibility and safety by offering:
• Straight forward network structures.
• Minimum space requirements.
• Easy retrofitting with sudden changes in location and consumer ratings.
• High short circuit rating and low fire load.
* The LX busbar trunking system is a type tested low-voltage assembly (TTA) in accordance with IEC/EN 60 439 land 2 in the form of an aluminium enclosed sandwich system. The LX sandwich system consists of busbars, insulation, the aluminium enclosure and the fastening and connectionelements.


* The main application of busbar trunking systems is power distribution.
* The advantage of such systems over cable installations is that the locations of power tap-off points are not permanent, but can be moved to any position within the entire system. To tap power at any given point simply requires positioning a tap-off unit at that location on the busbar.
* The result is a flexible distribution system for decentralized power supply to a particular line or area. Tap-off points can be mounted on one or both sides of straight trunking units.
* The LX busbar trunking system provides tap off units from 80 A to 1250 A for power tap-offs and for connecting consumers, providing the power supply for consumers in the range between 10 kW and over 400 kW. Tap-off units can be fitted with either fuse switches or circuit breakers.