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The Solution.

Supporting fuel-saving in grid-tied operations, all gensets can be stopped to maximise the penetration from sustainable sources. Automatic changeovers between grid-tied and off-grid in case of mains failure are possible, even during operation. The system is available both as a Power Management solution for systems multiple sustainable power sources, or as a stand-alone solution for retrofits or existing plants.

Case for application

  • Factory Power suppled by Grid and backup Generator
  • ATS control switch to change power source from Main to Generator when power grid failure
  • Solar System installed or plant to install in future

Purpose of this solution

1. When Power on grid is on :

  • Automatic adjustment of power & reactive power when solar system work on grid tied

2. When Power on grid is off / failure (Island mode):

  • Automatic changeovers between off-grid & grid-tied when combine with ATS control (AMF : auto main Failure)
  • Control to Start Generator on and sync power between Solar and Generator.
  • Minimised diesel fuel consumption (30% load of Generator) and maximised PV penetration for more stabilization power load changing.
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