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Blueplanet 87.0-TL3

The blueplanet 87.0 TL3 INT is a solar PV inverter for commercial and industrial-scale solar power plants that feature a decentralized plant concept.
The transformerless, 3-phase unit offers an intelligent design for simple installation: 87 kVA that are easy to transport, hang up and take down outdoors – even on the module support.

  • Efficiency 98%
  • Max. Input Voltage 1500V
  • Graphical display
  • IP65 Protection Class
  • RS485 communications
  • Easy handling for installation and maintenance

Max. input current: 160A

Max. Short circuit current Iscmax: 300A

Operating range: 563-1450V

MPP range: 563-1300V

Number of MPP tracker: 1

Max PV generator power: 130 500W

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